Banjaran Global Disruptor+ Fund is an open-ended fund that invests in leaders of disruptor and the web of eco-system companies that supports them. The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve superior investment returns over a medium to long term horizon. 


We look at Disruptor+ from a global view as they tend to proliferate in a borderless fashion. They exist multi-dimensionally across countries and sectors. We are benchmark-agnostic and we seek for absolute returns to commensurate with our strong, yet sustainable growth investment strategy.

We subscribe to the view that disruptors take market share away from traditional incumbents very swiftly and as a result show exceptional growth.  To identify these stock candidates, we employ both top-down screening and rigorous bottom-up qualitative fundamental approaches. We apply the same strategy to investing in the disruptors’ eco-system of companies.

The fund is a concentrated portfolio strategy with a targeted size of between 25 and 35 stocks.  We are convinced that this approach will capture the essence of a Disruptor+ fund in achieving strong, sustainable and long-term returns.