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A disruptor is essentially an evolution of change. According to Clayton Christensen (professor at Harvard Business School), a business disruptor displaces existing market, technology and industry and produces something new, more efficient and worthwhile. Disruption is not solely led by technology; change in the business model can cause disruption too. A successful disruptor takes market share from incumbents. Or it creates new demand, which did not exist previously for their products. 

In our view, successful disruptors today are the mainstreams tomorrow.

We look for disruptor companies that upset the status quo of existing market players, usurp their market position and eventually become entrenched in consumers' behaviour. We seek out disruptors with a sustainable model and a proven track record, that continue to revolutionize their products to enhance consumers’ experience.

We also track the downstream eco-system that supports these disruptors. When the disruptors do well, so will the value chain companies that support them. We aim to encapsulate the disruptors and their eco-system companies into a concentrated portfolio.

Hence, the Banjaran Global Disruptor+ fund.